The old town of Ljubjana
Published: 26/02/2016

We arrived in Slovenia without really knowing what awaited us. Of course we did some research on cities and such, but we are never sure what's going to happen. But we were totally surprised this time. And it was a good one! Ljubjana is a very interesting and charming city, it remindes elsewhere in Europe.

Until 1991 the country was part of former Yugoslavia and joined the Euro zone in 2007. We do not know if it is by this relatively recent opening that the old town is full of shops and galleries, with luxury and popular brands.

Another issue that may be related to the political past is the amount of young people on the street. It impresses groups and more groups of teenagers and people in their 20ths walking or drinking coffees in bars and restaurants.

We did a guided tour on the historic city center (9 Euros per person), but the guide was very weak. He told some historical facts, showed the town hall and the cathedral, talked a bit about the castle and it was basically it. He even could not answer any questions or gave vague answers.

There is a very large amount of cafes, more like bakeries than anything else, and few restaurants. We walked a lot in the old town and also in a more distant neighborhood, where supposedly there was an urban art gallery in the open air, but not quite. The place called Metelkova is basically an abandoned land with old buildings and graphited walls. Nothing more.


First Class Bus • 26/02/2016 às 14:53
Olá Israel,
Qual cidade você está falando?
Israel Filho • 26/02/2016 às 09:13
Vocês vão passar por Brno?