Arrested in Trieste
Published: 27/02/2016

Yes, we were stuck in Trieste, Italy! Okay that lasted for a short time, but enough to cause a little panic. Before telling this story - which turned out all right - we have to say being in Italy was not in the original plan, and as soon as we come to the city, we kept insistently repeating the word "gorlami” which means absolutely nothing in Italian.

For those who do not know or do not remember, the term gorlami is repeated by Brad Pitt's character in the film Inglourious Bastards, Quentin Tarantino. (Click here to view) In addition to keep saying gorlami which is supposedly his name, a false Italian in the film, he does that characteristic gesture that Italians do with the hand.

Now the story of being trapped. We arrive at Trieste and at the entrance we saw several motorhomes parked on the street and a very large and empty parking lot with plenty of room for the car. There was a parking sign and we found it was all right to park there. We left the car and went to the city center by bus.

When we returned,the parking spot was closed with a chain locking our car inside. Luckily, very lucky, there was an exit hiden, up slightly on the sidewalk, and we could get out of there, but we were slightly afraid of this situation.

The city has nothing else. Not even a tourist information center we managed to find and we walked around some streets of downtown and we have lunch in a restaurant, even looking a touristic place the food was tasty.

The funny thing is that we ordered a starter and a main dish for each one, plus vegetables as a side dish. However, it is common in Italy eating pasta alone , and vegetables generally is the side for meat, which is always served as a second plate. Result: after eating a huge plate of pasta, the waiter brought the roasted vegetables to us. Of course we couldn't eat it , and it wasn't neither as tasty as well.

We will not go back to Italy during this trip, but there is no doubt that the accent and the way Italians talk will stay in our memory for a long time.


Ludmila • 02/03/2016 às 15:40
Não sei se o macarrão estava bom, mas a cara dele deu uma fome!!! Gorlami para vocês!! bjs
Flávia • 27/02/2016 às 12:21