The amazing coliseum of Pula
Published: 28/02/2016

To begin our tour of Croatia we choose the cities of Rovinj and Pula, both on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. They are very similar to each other, with old buildings by the sea, but the highlight was Pula.

What amazed us is the huge roman coliseum, in very similar proportions to the one in Rome. We do not visit it because we could see just about everything on the outside, because inside nothing was preserved. In addition to the Coliseum, there is still the city entrance gate dating from the 2nd century and the forum, also roman.

Silvia loves the history of the Roman Empire and was impressed by the buildings and their preservation.

The city has preserved very well this old part, but also has a very modern side with known brand stores such as Adidas, for example, installed in the old buildings in the downtown area. Of the two cities, Pula also seems to be the richest.

Silvia believes she has to tell a historical curiosity - even Cesar finding it annoying to write about of those things. The city of Pula was given by the emperor to his most loyal general, called Pulo. He was a slave and to not end up in prison, he enlisted in the army and turned out being one of the few reliable friend of the emperor. Winning an entire roman city as a thanking to his services provided is not for everyone.

Rovinj is super small and does not have the same charm of Pula. The overall look is abandoned, with many buildings and houses falling apart. Of course, the part bordering the coast is very charming, but is not worth visiting just for one picture.

We just arrived in Croatia, but the overall impression is that everyone is very friendly. We needed to load the car gas bottle and we went to a place where this kind of thing is done. Even not speaking much english, the attendant was super friendly and even without knowing he gave us a tremendous relief because we were super worried about getting gas for our heating system. For our research, the germans gas bottle , equal to the one in our car, do not have the same connections that the croats, but this place had an adapter and ended up fine.

Then, already in Zagreb, we had trouble finding the camping where we will stay for four days. The address we had did not match and we were without internet connection to search it again. Then we stopped at a gas station and the lady who was there lent her phone to Silvia so she could search it better. That's what saved us and we are publishing this text properly installed on camping, which is on the edge of a beautiful lake.


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