Some trouble in Bosnia
Published: 03/03/2016

We arrived in Bosnia with a lot of trouble. First, because it took us seven hours from Zagreb to Sarajevo, covering most of the 400 kilometers that separate the two cities by a single road, the speed limit is 80 km / h.

Second, when we finally found the campsite, another surprise: the place is under construction and the mess is widespread, not to mention that the reception had no one to meet us and we had to wait two hours until the employee appeared. To help, no hot water in the bathrooms and the internet does not work.

Our plan was to stay in Sarajevo for three days, but we are already reviewing and thinking if it will really happens. Tomorrow, Friday, June 4, we will visit the city and only if it happens to be really exceptional, we should stay as planned . Otherwise, on saturday morning we are going to Mostar, still in Bosnia, hoping the camping have a better structure.

For now, the tip we can give is: if you are going to Sarajevo from Zagreb in Croatia, search what is the better route, because the one we took was the one our GPS had and it was terrible and super tiring.

The only picture for now is from the border, because we could not take any other else until now.S


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