Craft beer in Zagreb
Published: 04/03/2016

As one of our first days in Austria (click here to read more), we had a 100% day of breweries in Zagreb. Two breweries received us very well - it was actually three because we visited one also a day before - and we had the opportunity to taste amazing beers, meet cool people and hear funny stories.

The craft beer market in Croatia is growing fast and everyone is super excited to talk about it. We started the day at 10 am in one of the oldest breweries in the country, Medvadgrad, established in 1994. The owners remain the same since their beginning  and they produce beer of several styles.

In addition to the owners, a local journalist who maintains a blog about beer (click here to read - if you can, because it's all in Croatian), was there to register our visit. It was very funny because we could never imagine that we would be the news. He was also very friendly and we had the opportunity to talk a little about the market and beers in general.

The two brothers, they run Medvadgrad today, showed us the whole factory and they ended up inviting us to have lunch at the brewery restaurant. Silvia could eat struckle again (for more click here) and they also served a huge plate with various grilled meats: chicken, pork, locket and something like a kafta, all very tasty.

The other brewery we visited is called Nova Runda and it is installed in the entrance of a restaurant. The two partners welcomed us and told us many stories. In fact, one of them is a super funny figure, physically resembling the image that we have of a Viking, with long hair and a big beard and such.

He did not complete a sentence without giving a loud and funny laugh, which made us laugh together. In Nova Runda we tasted two beers, both very good and fresh. In fact this has been the great advantage of visiting breweries here: drinking beer directly from the tank.


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