We participate in the new Star Wars film
Published: 10/03/2016

Yes, the title is true, but it depends on how you define participation. We are in Dubrovnik, Croatia, where they are shooting the new film of the franchise. We have seen lots of scenarios, tons of equipment and personnel staff at all city streets.

We never watched any Star Wars, so in practice for us the shooting in the city is a pain in the ass, because we could not visit the city properly and much is hidden due to the scenarios. Either way, the city is beautiful. It has a very large wall surrounding the old town and the view of the sea around the city is amazing.

Unluckily there was a lot of things closed , including museums and the tourist information center, so we did not have much information about the city. Maybe in some next opportunity we will have the chance to know a little more.

Before Dubrovnik we were in Split, another coast city in Croatia. Two things draw a lot of attention there: the Diocletian palace of the Roman Empire is extremely well preserved and, in contrast, the city has a modern air, with cafes and bars by the sea, alternative clothing stores and many young people in the city.

The campground we stayed was the best of the trip so far. A very good structure for those with motorhomes and it sits on the edge of the sea. Even for us, somehow we are used to beautiful beaches, the view is breathtakingly beautiful. On our second day there the sun came out and warmed up a little reaching 15 ° C, several people were enjoying the beach and we were freezing even wearing lots of sweaters and socks.

To get to Split, we had to pass through the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. It was the most tense customs so far. Three policemen came inside our car and looked around everything, opening cupboards and drawers and asking several things. Of course we had nothing wrong, but it was one of those moments you became a little afraid because you never know exactly how it will be the police officer behavior.

After a half hour in the holding inspection we were released. Hopefully, the next border will be a little easier, as it has been until now.


Sueli, Teresinha lLma Alves dos Santos • 10/03/2016 às 17:24