Traffic in Tirana is chaotic
Published: 15/03/2016


It took 28 days of travel and chaos in Tirana to have our first hit in the car. Yes, our first impression of Albania (click here to read) was wrong - or you can not compare small cities in the country with the capital.

The damage was nothing serious, but is that annoying feeling. We were trying to turn in a roundabout and a truck did not pay any attention and hit its mirror on the left side of our car. It was a small scratch and left a black mark, but nothing that would stop us from continuing the trip.

We've been in two cities that we consider impossible to drive in Mexico City and Lima. On both these occasions we did not need to drive because we were with a guide. This time, with the motorhome, could not have been a worse place than in Tirana.

Chaos is complete: no one respects the basics universal traffic laws. We have never seen so many suicidal overtakings, cars parked in double rows, abrupt lane changes without giving a sign and a total disregard for the pedestrian, if you are not paying attention when diverting from a car you will get hit by another.

In order to reach the camping we had to cross a very central area of the city and it is where chaos reigns. Drivers do not have a shred of patience for red light or bus lane.

One must be very, very attentive to what is happening around to not hit the car, because apparently the people here believe that the other will always divert or brake before.

In short: if you are planning on driving in Tirana, think of one, two, three or ten times, because it will not be easy.


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