30 days on the road - Silvia
Published: 17/03/2016

The first thing that comes to mind is that it has been a lot easier than I thought and that time goes by very fast, not to mention that we have not been in the most conventional countries (meaning perhaps the best).

I believe that when we are really in the Eurozone things will be easier.

It is confusing to go through so many countries with different currencies and languages, even with people always trying to help us, but even the simplest things as the language is a big barrier.

Another curious thing is to be in such poor countries within Europe, such as Albania for example. Yeah, people here live a simple life and that they may not see many foreigners. When we were a bus, a group of boys saw us talking in another language and ventured a few words in English. I could see the surprise stamped on their faces.

One thing that has been bothering me a lot is about security. We went through countries that in principle amazes any friend in a bad way, like Bosnia, Montenegro (which many do not know it exists), Albania and Serbia. The more time I spend in these places - considered by us dangerous - the more I see that there are much more danger in Brazil than in any other country. And that makes me a little sad.

I will talk about one of the most emotional places I’ve ever been : Sarajevo. As we entered Bosnia, the shock was enormous . Poverty, dirt, my fear unfounded and the main thing : the signs of such a recent war. From the border I saw many houses and abandoned buildings, most with many bullet marks on the walls.

And suddenly I realized: those are the shots. We kept driving on the road and every kilometer I was thinking that it was not possible, there are so many shots. We had already talked about the war in Ljubljana and Zagreb, but talk about the war in Sarajevo is intense, not only by marks on the walls, but the amount of cemeteries with the victims that died during this period is impressive.

It's so sad to think that there is only 20 years that an atrocity like that have happened. Now I’ve been wondering about the war in Syria, the number of families being destroyed .... in short, it was so strong that I could hardly sleep the night we visited Sarajevo.


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