30 days on the road - Cesar
Published: 17/03/2016

Today we complete exactly 30 days on the road, living in a motorhome. There were eight countries, almost 4000 km and several cities - I was too lazy to count. It is so much that it is almost impossible to summarize this experience into a single text. But I will try . . .

Adaptation may be one of the most correct words to describe everything so far: adapt to driving a big car, to take bath each day in a different bathroom, eating different things every day, listening to new languages at each stop, holding the cry when I hear war stories, sleeping in a car, not to be afraid of sleeping in a car and so on.

We went through exciting moments - to hear the guide telling about the war in Sarajevo - relief - to be able to recharge the car's gas bottle - nervous - negotiating the value of a clandestine taxi ride in Montenegro - stress - looking for campsites when GPS sends us to the wrong address - and of extreme happiness: we are doing all this together, as a couple, and learning every day to get along better with each other.

Being in so many different places in a short time makes you think a lot of where you come from. Not specifically a city, but Brazil. I think every day on the issue of the everyday violence that we live in in a  city like São Paulo and how much it's insane when you try to look from the outside - not necessarily out of the country, but with the look of the other, because it is clear the shock of the people, it doesn’t matter from where they are, when we tell a little about how the daily violence is in Brazil.

Anyway, we still have 150 days ahead and many other countries, people, food and different places to know. We can not guess what will be, but considering these last 30 days, the expectation could not be better and anxiety only increases.

For the first time in my life I can repeat a phrase I never imagined to speak, it only gets better!


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