A day tour in Meteora, Greece
Published: 19/03/2016

To talk about Meteora, Greece, we have to say it is basically one thing to see and visit: the monasteries built on top of rocks above 300 meters high. And, despite of being a city with a unique thing to do, it is so much worth knowing.

Getting to Meteora rock formation is impressive: there are several peaks of stones that seem to have been carved by hand. It is certainly one of the most beautiful places I have ever saw. To make the visit, we chose to take a tour with the staff Visit Meteora (30 Euros per person). They pick you up in the hotel or camping in our case, and the visit lasts about four hours. The bus has wifi - not very good - and the guide will explain about the history, monasteries and other curiosities as the car goes up the mountain.

They stop at strategic locations for the pictures and you can visit three monasteries (3 Euros per person in each place). In the monasteries there are museums and spaces with panoramic views of the cities of Kalambaka and Kastraki, and of course other monasteries and mountains itself. There are 12 monasteries installed on the rocks.

Until the 50s, the monks had to climb to get water and food, but when the electricity arrived , they built water pipes and stairs and the road that gives access to most of the monasteries. The rock formations are ancient, from the time when everything was a big ocean.

We have visited the highest places, but it is impressive to see the buildings built over the rocks high into the abism .

Both Kalambaka as Kastraki are very charming. There are several cool restaurants and cafes. We know two places with amazing food Taverna Gardenia and Taverna Panellinio.

A must to taste in these two places: moussaka and chicken skewers or grilled pork, both incredibly good.


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