Tourism in Greece is expensive, very expensive
Published: 22/03/2016

Yes, the statement in the title is the main discovery after visiting some cities in Greece. In fact we visited only two Greek cities, mainly because everything is so expensive.

But besides the general price of things - food, camping, market - tolls are incredibly expensive. From Athens to Thessaloniki are 500 kilometers along the main highway of the country, the A1, but to go thought this distance one has to be willing to payl out 74 euros in 12 toll plazas. We found out that a airplane ticket to do the same thing costs 40 Euros.

In Meteora, our first stop in Greece (click here to read more) we already found the prices a bit expensive, but in Athens was much worse. A lunch for two people in a simple restaurants (entrance, two dishes, a dessert) costs about 40 Euros. In Germany and Austria, the same thing costs around the half of it.

Of course, more than 2500 years of history can not be summarized only by the price of things. Athens is a city for those who like Greek and Roman history. In the city there are ruins of ancient buildings and museums to visit. The Parthenon is huge and interesting to visit, but be prepared to face a huge amount of tourists. Other must-see spots are: the ancient Agora - which has a temple incredibly well preserved -, the temple of Zeus, the Olympic Stadium and the Acropolis Museum.

A tip: There is a combined ticket which costs 12 Euros and you can enter the Acropolis, Ancient Agora, Dionisio Theater, Roman Agora, Kerameikos, Temple of Zeus and Hadrian's library.

For those who like this kind of history it is all very interesting and Athens is one of the most cool cities in the world.

Despite all that, for logistical reasons - and financial - we excluded a Greek city of the tour and we are already in Bulgaria. In the next post we will tell how things are around here.


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