24 hours in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria
Published: 27/03/2016

You know when you like a city without even knowing it right? With Sofia it was so. We love the city right away and, after spending a whole day walking, we liked it more.

We had only one day to know everything and it was quite tiring. We did the Free Sofia Tour in the morning, which is the same scheme of free walking tour of other cities: the guides are usually young and they share a lot of information about the history of the places as we walk through the main points. At the end, you give the amount you think is appropriate, there is no fixed price.

We found that the same staff organizes another tour called Tour of Communism, and decided to do that as well. The tour was well focused on the communist period in Romania, which lasted from the end of World War II to the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. For those who like history is a must. The price is 8 Euros per person.

Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with over 6000 years of history. It is impossible to learn about all in one day and, unfortunately, we could not stay longer, but there is a lot of things to do.

From what we have seen we can compare it with Sao Paulo : the traffic is chaotic, lots of shops,there are options of bars and restaurants for everyone and neighborhoods "themed" for hipsters and very rich people, for example.

We were lucky and the day was beautiful, sunny with a very pleasant temperature, around 17 degrees. The weather was so nice that we did something we are not used: we sat on a bench of a square and we enjoyed the sun and watched people walking by.

One of the interesting things is that even with very bad traffic, it is easy to get around by public transportation. The passage is very cheap, 0.50 Euro to ride the bus, tram or subway in an hour and a half.

Worth seeing: the old buildings of the communist era, the cathedral St. Alexander Nevski, the former royal palace and several monuments of historical figures.

One thing we discovered with the walking tour was a super small church hidden among several huge buildings. During the communist period, people could not express their faith freely, so they built the church in a place that is almost impossible to find it.

We had lunch in a restaurant with amazing Bulgarian food called Mehana Izbata. It is in a basement and it's hard to find if you do not know about it. Both food and local wines are very tasty. The price was also good: entrance, two main courses, dessert, half a bottle of wine and water cost 30 Euros.

We can give a lot of tips on places and things to do, but Sofia is a city for people to discover on their own way, walking the streets and avenues and enjoying all it has to offer. Until now, it was one of the cities we loved the most in this trip.


Sueli, Teresinha lLma Alves dos Santos • 27/03/2016 às 17:14
De fato a capital é linda,mas as fotos com legendas são rápidas necessitei voltar duas vezes para conseguir ler e aprecia-las,bem pode ser que a minha dificuldade de visão tenha sido a causa.Gostaria de obter mais detalhes do Palácio, pois na minha juventude curti a expectativa do lançamento depois do primeiro filme de Sissi o lançamento dos outros dois que davam continuidade a vida da Imperatriz Sissi..Parabéns por mais está etapa,aguardarei a próxima reportagem