Fined for not paying the bus fare
Published: 28/03/2016

The first time we traveled together in 2011, we got a fine in Prague, Czech Republic, for failing to pay the bus fare. Since then, we swore that this would never happen again. Even today, in Bucharest, capital of Romania.

Before taking the bus we discovered that the ticket is not sold at the bus by the driver and you need to buy a card at some points of sale and validate as soon as you go up the bus.

We walked 30 minutes from our camping to the nearest point of sale to buy the card and avoid problems. The girl who sold us explained how the system works and we took the bus to go downtown. The trip was all right, but in the return. . .

For some reason, Cesar has not validated the two passages correctly. He just validated one and he did not press a button to validate the second ticket. The result? Exact inside this bus, at that moment, there was a inspector.

We tried to explain that there was only a mistake, that the card had credit for more trips, but she did not care and she fined us, it costs us 10 Euros. In addition to the fine, she kept asking if we had not read the instructions correctly, reinforcing that the information was in English.

Not to mention the shame,everyone in the whole bus looking at our face and thinking that you were being smart to ride the public transportation without paying.

Apparently the city has adopted a zero tolerance policy on personal ride public transportation without paying. In many cities of Europe supervision is virtually zero and it is understood that everyone is honest and pay the ticket. In Berlin, for example, the tube don’t even has any kind of control, but in Bucharest is different.

At least we learn how to validate the card for two and that surveillance works.


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