Sighisoara, in Romenia, it's lovely
Published: 01/04/2016

One of the criteria we use to choose the cities that we visit is how much history they have. Silvia is in love with the Roman Empire and places with medieval features, so whenever there is one city with these characteristics in our way we make a stop.

The choice this time is called Sighisoara in Romania. The city is beautiful and very charming, with buildings with more than five centuries old. The old center is very small and it is possible to visit just about everything in an hour and a half of walking.

In this kind of place you do not even need a map, because it's so small that if you get lost in the narrow streets is not a problem. On the contrary in fact. Often we are walking and suddenly we face with a super hidden house, that we would not find otherwise.

Despite being a touristic, it is a destination that is impossible to compare to other more famous cities, with buses and vans dropping people from all over the world. The advantage of places like Sighisoara is that it is not in a very trendy route, so it is still possible to see the local people in the streets and the day-to-day crowd. In very tourist places this is practically impossible, besides being a bit boring to visit areas with guides screaming and trying to organize excursions.

In fact it was a pity not to have more time to stay in Sighisoara and get to know it a little better. We tried , but the only camping of the city was closed and we decided to follow our trip instead of parking the car at a gas station or on the street to sleep.


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