Two brewery restaurants in Vienna worth visiting
Published: 14/04/2016

As in Germany it is almost impossible to visit Austria and not drink great beers. In Vienna, there is a lot of option and, in the midst of so much variety, we got to know two places that is worth to pay a visit: 7 Stern and 1516 Brewing Company.

Both are right in the center of Vienna and are also restaurants, so besides the opportunity to taste great recipes, you can eat a nice wiener schnitzel - meat breaded, usually pork, served with potato salad.

In 1516, we proved eight beer styles available: pale ale, bohemian pilsener, bock Rauchbier, IPA, dry stout, German pils, and dunkel weizen. All of them are served directly from the tanks and they were super fresh and tasty. The cool thing is you can eat something or just drink it while watching the master brewer works , because the equipment is right in the hall without any division.

In addition to the menu with many traditional food options, they have the dishes of the day, always with affordable price. On the day we visited, the choice was chicken with a paprika sauce, vegetables and eggs. It was great. For vegetarians, the option is kasespatzle, a kind of pasta prepared with cheese.

Coincidentally we also proved eight beers on 7 Stern: hanf beer (with the addition of cannabis), dunkel, Märzen, vienna helles, smoked porter, chili beer (with lots of pepper), maibock and weizen. All served directly from the maturation tanks and extremely fresh. The highlight is the beer with cannabis, with the aroma and flavor of the plant very present. According to the staff that produces it, this beer doesn’t give any sensation. We did not drink too much of it, but we did not feel anything different.

Another very interesting thing in 7 Stern is that as soon as you cross the gateway you come face to face with a beer machine in the style of those that sell soft drinks, candy and snacks. Just put the money, choose what you want and take it home. A great idea and a big hit among the tourists visiting the restaurant.

As the schnitzel was one of the must order from the kitchen, we finally proved the most traditional recipe of Vienna. The meat was super tasty and the potato salad that came with it was amazing.

If you are in Vienna and want to drink good beer with great food, these are the right places.


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