The best way to know Vienna is walking
Published: 16/04/2016

Maybe it's the sun's fault and the super nice temperature. Or the classic buildings full of history in the entire city. Or the super modern public transportation system and being easy to get around. Not to mention the cafes, restaurants and breweries spread across several districts. The truth is that to leave Vienna, capital of Austria, to continue the trip sucks.

We had two and half days to explore the city and ended up staying with a taste that we should have stayed longer. There is nothing better than walking around the city and get lost in the streets. In each corner there is a surprise and we did not find anything that may be considered ugly. The city is beautiful. So the first and foremost tip for Vienna is: to walk aimlessly and appreciate and enjoy all that may appear in front of you.

If you like culture there are so many museums, from the classics to the contemporary. As our budget is very limited, and museum is an expensive thing, we chose two: Mumok and the Kunsthalle, both modern art. Whatever may be your choices, you can buy combined tickets and get a very reasonable price. For these two, we paid 37 Euros. We enjoyed the Mumok a lot with several artworks by Egon Schiele and some of his mentor, Gustav Klimt. However the Kunsthalle was not worth the ticket because there was only a temporary exhibition and it was no big deal.

If you like beer, just read our post about two amazing restaurants-breweries in Vienna. (To read, click here).

Now if you are a sweet lover, just like Silvia, you must visit the most famous pastry shop in the Old Town: Demel, with over 200 years of history. It is a tourist place and super crowded all day, but you can not deny that the sweet is a delight. We experience the apfelstrudel, strawberry cheesecake and a chocolate tarte. All so well done and tasty.

Another very famous place is the Cafe Museum. Also we tried the apfelstrudel and sachertorte classic. Neither of them was as good as the Demel, but it was worth the experience to know another historical place of the city.

Speaking of tradition, everyone who visits Vienna has the obligation to eat a real schnitzel. We talked about it in another post, but it never hurts to remember: it's breaded pork served with potatoes. It is extremely tasty and all restaurants have this option, so it is not worth to try it in expensive places, because it is a traditional and inexpensive dish throughout the city, costing an average of 10 to 15 Euros.

Just like any other major European capital, Vienna is full of shopping streets where you can find all sorts of stores. And another common feature among these capitals is how much things cost. Perhaps because we are coming from cheaper countries - apart from Greece, which was absurdly expensive (click here to read) - we think everything is expensive in Vienna.

But as we spoke at the beginning of the text, if you walk you will find quite hidden and cheaper places, so it's worth getting lost in Vienna.


First Class Bus • 17/04/2016 às 12:46
Olá Sueli, infelizmente os ingressos para os palácios são muito caros, e como temos um orçamento limitado escolhemos os museus desta vez. Quem sabe na próxima, né?
Sueli, Teresinha lLma Alves dos Santos • 16/04/2016 às 14:32
De fato ,Viena é linda ,os doces de dar água na boca,mas e os palácios, contava conhece-Los através de vocês.