5 tips to avoid confusion in Prague
Published: 18/04/2016

Today we are completing 60 days on the road with the motorhome here in Europe. We are in the Czech Republic, in Prague, and the first day here, we learnt a few things that can help the unprepared tourists. So these are our five tips to avoid get  stolen in Prague.

1 - Foreign Exchange
The currency in the Czech Republic is called Crown, and 1 Euro is about 26 crowns. We found out that the ideal is to avoid exchanging money, because there are no reliable exchange houses and they always find a way to cheat tourists. So the best way to get money is to take it directly from ATMs. Only avoid the Euronet machines, because their price is always lower than the one practiced in the market.

2 - Restaurants in the center of Prague
Prague is a very tourist town and, like any other town in the world, it is full of "hunting-tourists” restaurants in the central area. But here there are two special features: the price in this kind of place is three times higher than in others hidden restaurants and the distance between them is very, very, small. We had lunch in a traditional restaurant 10 meters away from the ones in the main street of Prague and we spend the equivalent of 8 Euros per person (main and side dish and drink). In the most touristic places, the account is not less than 20 Euros per person. So the trick is to leave the main roads and explore the surroundings, because you will always have an option cheaper and better option.

3 - Bill in restaurants
Famous or not, the staff of restaurants always tryi to get more money from the tourist. For example, they charge for the couvert . So far so good, this is normal and we are accustomed. But, you know what the couvert charge means here? Salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the table. You using it or not, you will be charged for that in the bill . So, ask the waiter if they charge this fee. The bread, common and free in several countries in Europe, is also charged, usually slices. When in doubt it is always better to ask and avoid surprises by time you pay the bill.

4 - Tip to waiters
The people from Prague told us that the waiters here do not have the world's best mood to serve customers, however, the famous 10% are common when paying the bill. But the tip is: if you do not like the service, leave nothing because it is better than to leave less than 10%. It did not happen to us, but we hear this from the guide , if the client leave less than 10%, the waiters are even more angry and may even curse then.

5 - Public transport
Prague is well structured in relation to public transport and you can go to any city point by bus, tram or subway. There are several ticket options which are sold under the usage time - 30 minutes, 90 minutes, 24 hours and 72 hours. The same ticket is valid for all types of transport and you need to validate it only the first time. The tip is to validate it correctly : there is a right side to put the ticket into the machine, where the date and time will be recorded - the ticket has an arrow indicating the correct side. If you do it wrong and by any chance someone stops you, you will have to pay a fine equivalent to 30 Euros.


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