Prague it
Published: 22/04/2016

Prague, Czech Republic, was the first city we visited as a couple in 2011. Five years later it is amazing how at least two things have changed completely : the number of tourists is huge and - finally - everybody can communicate in English. One thing has not changed - for good - it still remains one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

Many people who know Prague said to have fallen in love automatically. And this is exactly what happens. It is difficult to explain the reasons for this love at first sight, but walking the charming streets, seeing the sights, proving the food and local beer, enjoying the old buildings and churches and even getting used to the the waiters bad mood is a typical part of the experience.

As usual we will not be talking about specific places worth visiting. A good tip we can give is to make tours to find out the history of the city. We did two: Free Walking Tour and the Tour of the Castle. In both of them you will know the most interesting places of Prague and hear a little about everything that happened in the city since ancient times.

If you choose not to take the tour of the castle, you can go there by yourself and visit much of the complex without paying anything. There is a combined ticket that gives access to some smaller areas, but it is not worth it, because most of the places you can visit for free.

The city is also full of museums, but we chose not to visit any this time because our budget is limited and we found more interesting to invest in the tours instead.

About restaurant we have spoken in our previous post (click here to read).

The truth is that, we could give tips on places to see and do , but Prague is so beautiful that anything you do there will end up being amazing, because the atmosphere, the people, the food, the beer, the historic buildings and everything else about the city are unique in Europe.


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