Pilsen is the beer town
Published: 24/04/2016

When many people hear the question about what kind of beer you like the most, the answer is usually the same: pilsen. And the name of the most popular beer from the Czech Republic is also the name of the city Pilsen , mainly because the factory Pilsner Urquell, considered the first pilsen beer of history, is installed here. In addition to producing the drink, the brewery is the most famous tourist attraction, receiving thousands of tourists daily.

There are tours in several languages and times of the day (click here to learn more). We did not do the traditional tour, because Cesar had arranged an interview with the master brewer, he was the one who welcomed us and showed us the factory. But even the tour for tourists is great because you will learn about the history of almost 200 years of the brewery and you will have the opportunity to taste the beer directly from a wooden barrel, extremely fresh and tasty.

The responsible for serving beer to the tourists is an attraction itself: he is there for more than 50 years doing the same thing. This gentleman is super famous among those who have had the opportunity to visit the factory.

In addition to the brewery, there is a museum of beer and almost all bars and restaurants in Pilsen serve Urquell Pilsner super fresh, which is great, especially for us Brazilians, we find the beer to buy in Brazil, but it does not have the same quality after spending days inside a container on the ship.

In Pilsen there is also a beer spa, where you can take a beer bath and do other relaxing treatments. Unfortunately for lack of time, we could not visit the place, but for those who want to know more just click here.


Sueli Teresinha Lima Alves dos Santos • 24/04/2016 às 14:34
Sabemos da importância da cerveja para eles mas a fábrica é enorme e bem interessante