Visiting Auschwitz is for the strong ones
Published: 27/04/2016

To read articles and books, to hear and watch movies about the Holocaust is one thing. But visiting Auschwitz, in Poland, is completely different. To begin with is necessary to talk about the most exciting place in the whole complex: the hair room. There are two tons of human hair of people who died there. The place is dark, smelly and is forbidden to take pictures, but it was right there that the coin dropped for us. In all, more than 1 million people, most Jews were killed in Auschwitz.

As the hair room, there are rooms dedicated to shoes, bags, pots and other personal belongings. Another exciting area is where the prosthetic legs and arms are, whose owners were automatically sentenced to death on arrival at the concentration camp because they were considered unfit for the job.

The gas chamber and crematorium are also there, and enter inside these spaces is chilling.

Most of the buildings are original and it is possible to visit the room where the trials were made, the cells to death row, the totally unhealthy housing and to the firing wall, this was rebuilt, because the Nazis destroyed the original to try to delete what they were doing there.

We had already visited the Dachau concentration camp in Germany (click here to read more), but Aucshwitz is quite different. The main difference is the amount of tourists. Each year pass by more than 1 million people interested in knowing the places used by the Nazis for the extermination of Jews, Poles, Gypsies and Soviet.

You can also visit the train platform where the prisoners in which the prisoners arrived and how they went through a supposed selection to determine who would go to work or to die.

As we know some of the history and everything that happened at that time, visiting Auschwitz is shocking, because all the time we are reminded of what happened and how people were treated.

Definitely worth a visit, but it is only for the strong ones.


First Class Bus • 28/04/2016 às 11:05
Realmente é triste, Sueli. No entanto, existe uma frase bem famosa que diz o seguinte: é importante conhecer a história para nunca mais repetí-la. Acreditamos que ela sirva muito bem para o Holocausto e se tivesse sido destruída talvez o risco de acontecer de novo fosse maior.
Sueli, Teresinha lLma Alves dos Santos • 27/04/2016 às 21:50
Essa parte da viagem que estou acompanhando foia a mais deprimente,para mim é uma parte da história que deveria ter sido destruída.