9 reasons to visit Poland
Published: 01/05/2016

A week to visit three poles cities was enough to discover many interesting things about the country. They have many sad stories related to the Holocaust and the Second World War, but also they have a super rich culture and great places to visit . So here are our nine reasons to visit Poland:

1 – Wroclaw
The historic center is a charm with streets where only pedestrians have full access to cafes and restaurants. Most of the buildings are about 70 years old because they were rebuilt after the war.

A curious thing is that the city is full of dwarfs on the floor. They are small sculptures of the communist era, which goal was to make a nonsense protest against the lack of freedom imposed by the regime. Another curious fact is that the city says they house the world's first restaurant ever, Piwnica Swidnicka dated 1273. We did not try the food, but the guides said it is pretty good.

2 – Krakow
City with chaotic traffic, like São Paulo. It is slightly larger than Wroclaw and to know all, the ideal is to spend two days here.

Two very interesting things in the old center: every hour, in the cathedral tower appears a trumpet player who plays  a medieval melody divided into four parts, each played in a different direction of the city. Also in the main square there is a sculpture of a head, which is used for people to hide from the police when they are carrying some kind of alcoholic beverage. In Poland it is prohibited to drink alcohol on public streets, so when the police show people get inside the head to hide.

3 – Warsaw
It is the capital of the country and the old town was completely destroyed in World War II. Everything was rebuilt to look old, but have no more than 70 years.

The city is famous for their ghetto, where Jews were confined and from there taken to the concentration camps, and it is also the place where the uprising gainst the German and Soviet occupation started , which eventually resulted in the deaths of many residents. There are two museums telling a little more of this story, the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Warsaw Uprising Museum, which certainly are worth a visit.

4 – Auschwitz
Perhaps one of the things for which Poland is most remembered in the world. It is an obligatory stop for anyone visiting the country.

To read about our Auschwitz, click here.

5 - War Stories
As we said in the four above, Poland is full of stories, mainly related to World War II and the Jews. For those interested in that, in virtually every city there are museums telling a little of what happened there over the years.

Another interesting way to learn more about it is to take part of the tours in these cities. You can make the Free Walking Tours in all those cities.

6 – Food
Definitely not the tastiest traditional food that we tasted so far, but it has very good things. The highlight is a kind of fried gnocchi, which may be accompanied by meat, cheese, mushrooms, among others. It's delicious.

Another super traditional thing, but not so good, it's a mix between ravioli and guioza stuffed with cheese or meat and served with pork fat and bacon.

There are other traditional things, but basically all done with potato and cheese, so it's not such a great variety.

7 – People
We have spoken several times about the people of the countries we visited, but certainly the poles are super friendly and willing to help. In general, they are good-natured and funny, making jokes with almost everything.

If you need some information on the street, or something different, even those who do not speak english will try to help you in some way. The impression we got is that they have gone through many things, so it's better to live the happiest possible way.

8 - Cheap Destination
The currency in Poland is called zlote and 1 Euro is equivalent to 4.4 zlotes. After going through 15 European countries, we can say that this was one of the cheapest. You can eat very well (starter, 2 main courses, dessert and two beers) for 20 Euros.

But not only the food that is cheap, the prices of everything are very inviting.

9 - Public transport
We have used quite a lot public transport in Europe and, of course, Poland is one of the best examples of how it is easy to get around by bus or tram in the cities. In the three cities we visited, it was super easy to go from camping to the center and even to the tourist, it is full of information in points or within the own transport.

In addition of being fast and easy, it's super cheap. On average, we spend 2 to 3 Euro in tickets that can be used for 24 hours in all types of city transportation.


Sueli, Teresinha lLma Alves dos Santos • 01/05/2016 às 20:18
Fico feliz que vocês tenham encontrado no caminho um país com pessoas educadas e de bom humor,pois é uma coisa que esta se tornando cada vez n ais raro.Mas também pudera ,vocês estão na terra do Santo Papa ,um dos mais alegres que já vi.