Vilnius, Lithuania, is the city of good mood
Published: 02/05/2016

Before we say anything about Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, watch the video below:

It may not be the most diplomatic solution in the world, but it is undeniable that the former mayor of the city has a mood - and courage - to draw attention. Imagine in Brazil if this was done with the people of "it will not take even five minutes?" But that's another story, let's return to Vilnius.

No doubt that Lithuania is an unknown destination for Brazilian tourists. We stayed only in Vilnius and visiting the city was a great way to experience a different and interesting culture.

The good humor, or a peculiar humor, say, seems to be ingrained in everyone. Proof of this is that there is an independent  "country" within the city: the Uzupis district. A few years ago, local artists began to focus on this area and revitalize it, taking away the fame of this district of being the most dangerous in the city. To mark the birth of Uzupis Republic, they have set up their own constitution, which can be read in 15 languages in one of the site's walls.

It is currently one of the most interesting neighborhoods of Vilnius, with art galleries, cafes and restaurants to suit all tastes and pockets. Moreover, Uzupis is on the edge of the Vilnia River, which is a charming apart. Everyone who visits the city need to spend a few hours walking around and enjoying the unique atmosphere.

Another very interesting part of Vilnius is Gediminas Avenue. It is a line that seems to have no end, connecting the palace Seimas to the city's cathedral. The avenue is super wide and full of shops, restaurants and cafes. It may be too commercial but it is worth a walk around to know and appreciate some buildings from the communist period.

We were unlucky to visit the city on May 1, which besides being the World Labour Day is also Mother's Day in Lithuania. Several things were closed, but we were really frustrated of not being able to visit the KGB Museum, which tells the story of people who were killed by the communist regime.

The city is full of churches - 30 to be exact - but the cathedral is the one that catches your attention. Built in a very unusual style for a church, the building resembles more a Greek temple, with the exception of a large crucifix at the entrance.

Vilnius is full of squares and small streets to see. Unfortunately we had only one day in the city, but it was enough to stay we want to return and spend more time. If you plan to visit it, do separate at least three days to not regret later.


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