Six curiosities about Helsinki
Published: 08/05/2016

We were eager to get to the Nordic countries and we began by Helsinki, capital of Finland. The city is very interesting and we'll talk about what's cool to do in another post, because this is about some curiosities we discovered.

1 – Alcohol
The finnish have a reputation for drinking excessively and it is treated as a public health problem in the country. All alcoholic drinks are super taxed to inhibit consumption, but in practice it doesn’t work because everyone drinks a lot. In supermarkets, for example, it is prohibited to sell any drink that exceeds 5% alcohol. In restaurants and bars, a beer costs easily more than 6 Euros, which to European standards is very expensive.

2 - Naked people
Okay it is not always that the sun appears in this part of the world, but people should be so dressed up when it's cold that any warmth is reason for undressing. It's amazing the amount of shirtless men and women with extremely short clothes in the city - the positive point is that anyone seem to be harassed as in many other places. . .

In the camping where we stayed, everyone was in swimming trunks and bikini to enjoy the sun.

3 – Climate
We visited Helsinki in early May, early spring, but it seemed to be summer. Sunny days with temperatures close to 20 ° C, which should be a tremendous heat for them , because in the winter days the thermometers may reach 30ºC negative.

And this is not the only problem of the coldest seasons. In addition to the cold, the days have no light at all . A guide told us that they had a November few years ago which they had seven hours of light during the 30 days. Can you imagine seven hours in 30 days with sun light?

4 – Food
When we asked the guide what was the traditional food, he replied pizza and kebab. And he was not kidding. You walk the whole town and you see lot of menus offering these two options, and tex-mex restaurants and Thai.

Although pizza and kebab are common in many parts of the world, in Helsinki is too much. Perhaps an explanation for this are the high prices of other types of food.

5 – Prices
Not only the food and alcoholic drinks are expensive. Everything has a high price tag, from the public transportation - the most expensive of the trip so far, 16 Euros for 72 hours - until the campsite where we stayed, which costs amazing 35 Euros per day - the average is 20 Euros in other countries.

All right that the minimum wage is around 3000 euros, still the prices are absurd, especially if compared to Germany or Poland, for example. If you are planning to visit Finland, prepare to spend.

6 - Corruption practically does not exist
This item is another thing for Brazilians to get jealous . When we asked the guide if they had problems with corruption in the country, he just laughed and said that it does not exist. We always see rankings citing Finland as an example, but it's different to hear a resident talking about it.

But interestingly, one of the tallest buildings in the city was built irregularly, circumventing a law that limits the maximum height of buildings in the center. Even in a country where corruption is low, people still find a way. . .


Sueli teresinha Lima Alves dos Santos • 08/05/2016 às 19:26
Um país próximo do outro e com informações mostrando muitas diferenças. Gostei