What to do in Stockholm
Published: 13/05/2016

The first conclusion we got from Stockholm, capital of Sweden, was a certain cultural contradiction. They have an expression called lagom, which means something like good enough. In practice it is something like this, what is the reason to buy a Ferrari when a cheaper car is as good as in relation to comfort and takes you from point A to point B?

However, Sweden was the most expensive country we visited so far, beating Finland. (Click here to read more about our passage through Helsinki). That is what we find contradictory: you can live with enough, but even this enough is of a very high standard. Maybe that is the reason why for them is easier. . .

But let's get to it: Stockholm is an amazing city for sightseeing. It has museums of all sorts, interesting neighborhoods and it is easy to get around using public transportation , including boats that take you from one island to another. There are several islands that surround the city, from which comes the nickname of Venice of the North.

It is very difficult to save money in this regard, because even in simple places you end up spending about 50 Euros without any extravagance (two main courses, a beer and a glass of wine, for example). Because of this, we avoided eating out of the car, but we found a place in the center which is worth both the price as the quality of food.

It's kind of a food hall and is called Saluhall. There are several boxes with different types of food, but the highlight is the Swedish meatballs, the most traditional dish of the country. They are served with mashed potatoes and it is a delight. Everyone says that the meatballs from Ikea store are Sweden's best, but did not had the pleasure to taste them yet. But everywhere we ate it it was good, even those sold in supermarkets for you to warm at home.

Another Swedish expression without translation. In practice it is a break for coffee and something to eat, like a work break. It is practically a religion in the country, and the Swedes take about eight fikas a day, always with a coffee accompanied by a piece of cake or a sweet typical kanelbullar, like a Cinnamoroll with cardamom.

The candy is sold anywhere and is very tasty. If you visit the country, you have to try it.

As you know we have a limited budget, so we chose very carefully which museums to visit, because usually the price is not the cheapest. In Stockholm it is mandatory to go to the Vasa Museum.

It is a museum dedicated to a single ship, considered the oldest in the world. It sank in 1628 on its maiden voyage and was only recovered 300 years later, intact. According to the museum, 98% of which is exposed is original and the ship seems the one from the pirate One-Eyed Willy, from the Goonies movie (click here to view).

Besides the size itself , it is impressive how the wood is well preserved. In the museum are also some skeletons of the crew, the original cannons and a lot of decorative pieces. It is also worth watching the movie that explains the whole story, from the construction to the wreck.

Another must-see museum in Stockholm is the modern art. The Moderna Museet has several important works of artists from Andy Warhol to Salvador Dalí, through the Brazilian Cildo Meireles. And the best: the museum is completely free, so there's no excuse not to visit it.


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