This is not a post about Oslo
Published: 15/05/2016

Yes, it's exactly what you read in the title. Oslo, capital of Norway, is an interesting city, but it doesn't deserve a post all to itself, so this is why this is not a post.

First of all it is a very, very, expensive city. We already complained about the price in Greece (click here to read), Helsinki (click here to read) and Stockholm (click here to read), but nothing compares to Oslo. Nothing, but nothing is reasonably priced. Public transportation, products on the market, fuel, food in restaurants, tickets to museums, campsites and probably many other things that we weren't able to find are for sure the most expensive in Europe.

Some average prices: 10 Euros for a beer (330 ml), 20 Euros one hamburger, 2 euros one croissant, 42 Euros for one night camping and 10 Euros for the 24-hour public transport ticket.

We visited the Viking Museum where there are three Viking ships from the year 890. (yes these may be the oldest in the world, and not the one in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, as written here) The museum is interesting but we paid 8.50 euro per person and there are only three boats exposed without much information.

We walked quite a lot in the town, but saw nothing amazing. The parliament building, for example, is one of the ugliest we have ever seen in my life. In contrast, the Opera is one of the most interesting buildings.

The Museum of Modern Art is also interesting, but we did not go because of our budget limit. However, it is worth going to the artificial island where it was built to enjoy the view of the sea.

If you are wondering for what reason we decided to write this “not” post, here are a few: this is the first country in which we have not seen a policeman in the streets, the first country with an incredible amount of circulating electric cars and first country where practically 100% of the population speaks English, which is obviously not their native language.

This may not be sufficient reasons for a tourist trip, but if you have no money problems and already know other European countries, Oslo can be an interesting option to visit.


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