Eight places to eat and drink in Copenhagen
Published: 23/05/2016

Whenever there are research on where is the happiest people in the world, the Danes are in first or second place. When you spend a few days in Copenhagen it is easy to understand the reasons why they are so happy, especially considering the food and beverage factor.

The city is full of interesting places to eat and drink. microbreweries, high cuisine - Copenhagen is the city with the largest number of Michelin-starred restaurants in the world - traditional cuisine, wines and incredible spaces to stave off hunger and thirst.

Obviously we did not have time to know everything, but here's our list of eight places you surely must go when visiting the city.

Ramen to Biíru
Without doubt the best ramen we ever ate in life. The restaurant is own by the Mikkeller brewery - the most famous craft beer in Denmark - and it's inspired by the Japanese houses that serve the recipe, including the chef who is Japanese and does not speak a word of English or Danish.

You arrive and choose what you want to eat in a machine that prints your request and you pay at the cashier. There are basically two choices of ramen: shoyou and spicy. Both are served with pork and noodles, and you can add more pepper or extra eggs. Then you can choose from eight different options of Mikkeller beers including a special one produced only for the restaurant.

Øl & Brod
Another restaurant from Mikkeller brewery, which focus is the reinterpretation of the classic Danish cuisine. The menu is super clean - two starters, four main courses and three desserts - but extremely well executed. Especially the pork neck with vegetables, a delight.

There are 10 different beers options - super fresh to go with the dishes.

Københavner Cafeen
Other traditional place in the central area where you should prove the so-called smorebrods. They are basically small sandwiches with various ingredients. It is the most traditional food in Denmark. The most traditional are with fish - raw, smoked or fried - sided by pickles and tartar sauce, all served with black bread with pumpkin seeds.

If you choose the option they recommend, you will receive some of everything – from raw fish to club sandwich. It's a mixture , but very tasty.

Voted the 66th best restaurant in the world by the magazine Restaurant, the Amass is one of the most interesting restaurants we've visited. The building is cool, wide open with a high right foot, in a industrial area and far away from the center.

The food is extremely modern and refined, full of techniques and amazing ingredients. The only question is the price, which can be a little salty - 120 Euros per person for the harmonized menu of seven courses with four wine glasses - but if your budget permits, definitely is worth it.

Another restaurant of haute cuisine in Copenhagen - occupies the 45th place in the world's best restaurant list. It's a bit cheaper than the Amass - 80 Euros per person for the menu with eight dishes, and the food is also great.

Both restaurants work with the concept of using local and fresh ingredients, so the menu is always changing to take advantage of what is best in each period of the year. If your budget permits, definitely it is worth knowing both.

But it is better to book in advance because it is not easy to get a table.

Mikkeller and Friends
At this address the business is beer. There are 40 taps of different beers, always with guests from all over the world. When we visited the bar, the highlights were: Arrogant Bastard Ale – the beer that is Cesar favorite in the world - and Firestone Walker Sucaba, both American.

If you have any doubt in choosing, you can count with the help of the staff, which is very well trained.

Another space of Mikkeller brewery - yes, we like so much the other ones that we got to know one more. The scheme is simple: Texas barbecue and 20 draft beer options. The meat is very tasty, especially the brisket and pork ribs.

Most of the beers are produced in the pub, what make them fresh and is one of the advantages of visiting the place. One of our favorites in the city.

Bertels Salon
We are not fans of places that people indicate as being the best in town, but this time we had to agree . This is certainly the best cheescake of Copenhagen, and one of the best we have tasted in our life.

There are choices from the classic to inventions like chocolate brownie cheescake with strawberries, a delight.


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