Germany that's not quite Germany
Published: 30/05/2016

Sometimes we like to think that we know a certain country or culture because we visited a region and some cities, forgetting that there are significant differences between north and south, for example. And that's exactly what happened to us in three cities in northern Germany.

By knowing Lubeck, Hamburg and Bremen we had the impression of not being in Germany but in another country. Two years ago, we visited the region of Bavaria, in the south, and the differences compared to the north are huge.

Toy Town
Our first stop was in Lubeck and the first impression was that the city is a toy. Do you remember those wooden toys with colored houses and gabled roofs? It is the exact copy of Lubeck. We do not know if the toy was inspired there, but it is amazing to get to the entrance of the town and see these buildings.

The historic center is very small, it is possible to walk and visit everything in three hours. There is a very large number of churches, but the most interesting part is the architecture.

We have not found many German restaurants, and it was hard to escape the Italian and Japanese options, most in the center. This was a problem in the three cities we visited, and one of the most different characteristics compared to Bavaria, where the local cuisine is highly valued.

It is basically a business city , thanks to the port, one of the most important in Europe. Considering the amount of stores and the size of the trade, it must be a very rich city, because the center is basically shops without many cultural options.

It is interesting to walk in the streets around the Elbe, but it is not such an interesting landscape as well. A very annoying thing is the traffic jam basically all day and at various points of the city.

It is worth because it has a well-preserved historic district, but that's basically it. Leaving the neighborhood is the main square, with some interesting buildings, but nothing very impressive indeed.

Anyway, if you are planning on traveling to Germany to know the famous cuisine, beers served in large mugs, interesting museums and preserved cities, one should choose Bavaria, which in this matter is much more German than the cities from the north.


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