Tourism in Holland beyond Amsterdam
Published: 05/06/2016

We know that when people talk about tourism in the Netherlands the first thing that comes in mind is Amsterdam. And when one speak of Amsterdam many things come to mind, depending on what you've heard about the city. Marijuana, legalized prostitution, very interesting museums and charming canals are just some of the truths about Amsterdam.

Yes, it's all there and it's true. But as it is a very touristc town and many people have said everything possible about it, we focused on two other Dutch cities, equally interesting, but not as famous : Delft and Bodegraven, both less than 100 kilometers from Amsterdam.

Imagine a huge Amsterdam on a reduced scale. It's more or less what is Delft. Of course you can still feel the smell of marijuana while walking through the narrow streets. The town is very small, full of churches and is a real charm. The center is full of old buildings and the local people loves the artist Johannes Veermer, who is buried there.

In the oldest church in the city, from 13th century, are also buried several kings and queens of Netherlands. But you don´t need to go inside any church or museum to enjoy the city. Just walk through the narrow streets of downtown and enjoy the landscape: old mansions, bridges over the canal, souvenir shops, restaurants and several bars.

The city is home to one of the largest universities in the Netherlands with about 20,000 students. In addition to the historical center, another point that is worth knowing is the Delft Park. It is a green area well preserved, with a lake in the middle and plenty of grass for a picnic or just to lay down and sun bath as the European.

The city is home to one of the largest breweries in Netherlands: De Molen. Cesar had contact the staff to make a visit to the factory and to see the production, which was really cool.

Of course it is amazing to know the space where they produce one of the tastiest beers in the world, but we ended up being surprised by the city's charm itself. All right that  to speak of the city may be an exaggeration, because the center has basically two streets, but it seems like a movie set.

Everything is peaceful, quiet and there is no sign of any tourist on the streets - our presence there must have been quite exotic, let´s say, because everyone was watching us with a funny look.

Our tip is to go to the center, walk the narrow streets and enjoy the city atmosphere. Then you must visit the cafe/restaurant De Molen, just a few meters from the factory. In addition to taste the beers of De Molen , super fresh, you can eat the traditional sandwiches that the Dutch consider as lunch.


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