The obvious beer tourism in Brussels
Published: 07/06/2016

We were in Brussels five years ago and the city has changed a lot, as Prague, Czech Republic (click here to learn more). The first time we visited the capital of Belgium, our goal was basically to taste the beers, which at that point already had a well established reputation worldwide. However, this is much more consolidated now.

Of course, Brussels has an interesting history, museums, palaces, churches, chocolates, waffles and diplomatic buildings, thanks to the fact also of being the capital of the European Union. But walking on the streets you can see that people, or most of them at least, are really interested in beer and seafood with their famous fries.

Compared to the first time we visited the city, it has even more beer. Bars, restaurants and shops advertising a range that exceeds 200 labels are easily found in downtown streets. Of course there are many places waiting for tourists, with prices much higher than in the neighborhoods, but this is also part of the experience.

The place of the moment to drink beer in Brussels is the Moeder Lambic, a bar specialized in acidic and sour beers. They have a selection of rare and special labels of many beers impossible to be found in Brazil - and if you find them the price of a single bottle would be higher than  R$ 200 easily. Here , you can spend 5 euros on average per 250ml, which is not very cheap, but considering they are very expensive beers, it just pays off.

And once the world hit for the beer is acidic and bitter, if you are in Brussels you have to visit the Cantillon brewery, the only one in the city center, which is also a kind of museum. You pay 7 Euros per person and have the opportunity to visit the whole area of the production and the storage of bottles and you can still taste two different options produced right here. Of course, the flavors do not please everyone, because this style is quite different and the acidity is very present, but it is still an interesting ride.

Our last tip is also obvious: Delirium Cafe with units in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, the Brussels bar has been one of the most famous in the world, thanks to the amount of available beers:. Over 2000. The bier menu looks like a book, but to make life easier for anyone who is not a great expert, they have a short version with some indications to prove.

It is a touristic bar and no longer has the same charm of old times , but still worth knowing because it is part of the city's history and you will find beers you wouldn’t find elsewhere.


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