Bruges by bike
Published: 12/06/2016

Since the beginning of our trip we have seen many people riding bicycles through cities. Of course that there is better places than others, and Bruges in Belgium, is certainly one of them.

The weather forecast indicated a sunny day and we finally decided to rent bikes for sightseeing. It could not have been better! The old town is surrounded by a cycle path and you can do the entire turn in about two hours. The interesting thing is the possibility of seeing the four ancient gates to the center, along with several windmills, a real charm.

Most of the path is made by a well marked bike lane, and even where it ends you still can ride the bike  on the street without any problem, since the drivers respect the cyclist.

We rented the bikes in Fietsen Popelier for 6 Euros per day.

Anyway , Bruges is a charm itself and it is impossible not to like the city. The setting may even be a bit like others in Europe, but there's always something different that is worth exploring.

Our tip is to walk without much destination by narrow streets full of old buildings, churches and bridges. If you want to know a little more about the history and some gossip of the past, you can do the Free Walking Tour, which lasts two and a half hours. But if you choose to just walk and enjoy the city you will not regret it.

As Belgium in general,there is a lot of beer in Bruges. All bars and restaurants are full of Belgian beers to taste, but since you are in Bruges, you should make a visit to the Brewery De Halve Maan. They have a restaurant where you can eat traditional dishes and taste the beers produced on the spot. For those who want to learn about the production process, they offer daily tours in several languages.

Speaking of food, the most traditional recipe of this region of Belgium is stoofkarbonaden vlaamse, a kind of stew in beer sauce served with fries - in reality french fries is the official follow-up to anything to Belgians, including to the famous seafood, which is also a delight.

Another famous thing in Belgium is the chocolate. Anywhere, you will eat an amazing chocolate, but it never hurts to give a tip of where you will find the best chocolates in town . In Julie's Chocolate House (they don’t have a site, but the address is Wollestraat 4b). It is one of the best chocolates we have eaten in our lives, all done by hand and with so many options that is difficult to choose only one.

Riding a bike or walking, ia great ideia to include Bruges in your trip and enjoy all the charms of the city.


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