The charming Metz in France
Published: 14/06/2016

France is certainly Silvia’s beloved country. In our initial plan , we would visit only three cities, but eventually we got some time left and we decided to include others, which was great - and Silvia is very happy.

We began in Metz and it is easy to understand the love of Silvia for France and its towns. That romantic image that many have about France is reality in these places. Narrow streets full of bars and cafes with tables on the sidewalk, people drinking wine all day, other walking with baguettes under their arms, lots of shop windows full with sweets, museums and churches, many churches.

Once in the city, we got to the tourist information center and we had to buy a map - 0.50 cents. Besides being quite complete, it has a route to the main sights for you to know by walking. It may not be very close and easy, but it is worth the effort to see everything.

We took nearly three hours - not entering into any museum - and it was very interesting. Like other French cities, there is a church on every corner, and some are very interesting to visit.

Other interesting points indicated on the map are the oldest buildings in the city, with more than 500 years. Of course, not all of them are well maintained, but it's nice to look and observe the action of the time on those buildings.

As in Bruges, Belgium (click here to read), the better way to know this kind of town is simply by walking aimlessly and enjoy the weather. Any restaurant you choose you can sample classic French recipes, always accompanied by excellent and cheap local wines.

The same goes for the sweet shops , where it is impossible to go wrong when choosing a macarron or chocolate eclair.

For those who can not handle huge tourist cities like Paris, going to the French countryside is a great option, and Metz can be included without fear.


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