End of the first part of the journey
Published: 22/06/2016

Four months and more than 14,000 kilometers later, we reach the end of the first part of our motorhome tour in Europe. There were 27 countries and over 100 cities since the day we left Brazil, more precisely on 17 February.

Today, June 22, we are in Stuttgart, Germany, preparing to fly heading to Edinburgh, Scotland, where we will pick up another motorhome to cross the UK. We think it is a good time to take a look back at everything that happened.

Certainly, the most important things will never be written, neither were photographed. Spending so much time on the road, living in a car within a small space taught a lot to us, in every way you can imagine. On top of this, staying together 24 hours a day as a couple was also a challenge and a learning process - of course with few fights along the way.

If we were to say only one word about the trip, for sure - and obviously – is that it is really great traveling with motorhomes around Europe. The only drawback, or rather the only two, are the car's size and the chosen period.

For anyone who is thinking of renting a motorhome, it is crucial to choose a car not too big to avoid problems with parking and lack of space in general. Second, avoid to travel in low season, no matter where you are, especially if you want to catch all campsites open and to have a better structure available.

About the places to visit it is practically impossible to choose just one, or even to make a list of those which we love. Two countries, certainly, we would draw out the list if this trip was to happen again: Albania and Montenegro. It may not be a exact problem with these countries, but our experience in both of them was not the best. All the others, we would visit again.

There were many stories, people, food and different experiences to count all over again. We tried to publish posts from most places here on the blog, Facebook and Instagram, but a lot of it is not here.

Also because there is no photographic lens or words - whatever the language - to capture and describe some feelings or landscapes through which we've been throught . Unfortunately, or fortunately, these are only in our memories and we will never be able share them - maybe not the way they really deserve.

Anyway, we still have almost two months of traveling in the UK and we believe that there is still a lot to happen. As far as possible, we will continue publishing about our journey.

Anyway, thank you to all who are watching, and traveling with us so far.

Until the next post.


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