The irish Kilkenny is small, but full of history
Published: 12/07/2016

When we planned the trip with the motorhome, one of the things we took into consideration was the flexibility of not having booked hotels. Of course we had a route planned, but the ability to add or eliminate cities is great on a daily basis. And Kilkenny, Ireland, came on our way because of that.

It was not in the original plan, but for practical reasons we included it and it was the best thing we did. The city is a charm: small, but with very much to do and enjoy.

The highlight is the castle, built in the thirteenth century. You can visit almost all the internal spaces for 7 Euros per person. Once you arrive, ask where is the movie room that shows a movie with its history and reformations which the castle passed over the years.

Once this is done you can walk inside the rooms of the castle and relive a little what life was like at that time of the nobility. In addition, in front of the castle there is a wonderful garden. A huge lawn, extremely green, which gives a very special charm to the place and invites you to stay a little while there sitting on the grass enjoying the scenery.

Another famous attraction from the city is the Smithwick's Experience, Ireland's oldest brewery, founded in 1710. They offer an interactive tour like the Disney's attractions. It has talking pictures, music, lights and the guide is a real actor. It is much more interesting for the history of the city itself than about the beer. Of course, they talk a little about the process, but that's the least of it.

The ticket costs 13 Euros per person and entitles you to a pint at the end. If you make the booking online, you have 10% discount.

The cathedral of Kilkenny, Saint Canice's, is another obligatory point. Besides knowing the church, it is one of the few, if we are not mistaken there are only two in Ireland, where you can climb the round tower to have a privileged view of the city. The combined ticket - Cathedral and Tower - costs 6 Euros per person.

Kilkenny has a large brewery tradition and there are several pubs around the city. We went in two: Marble City Bar and Matt and The Millers. Both are very traditional and offer the most famous beers in town - and in the country: Guinness, Kilkenny beer and Smithwick's.

In Matt and The Millers there are daily shows of traditional Irish music and it is very nice to take a pint of beer while enjoying the music. (Click here to see a piece of the show).


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