Bamburgh, the castle city
Published: 21/07/2016

Before you continue to read this text, open a separate window in your browser, go to Google Images and type: Bamburgh England. Saw? Basically all of the photos show the same thing, right? Yes, it's the city's castle and only. Maybe it's one of the smallest villages we visited during our entire trip. There are basically two streets, the castle and the beach.

The castle is what keeps the city on the route of the tourists. And we can say with certainty that is so worth going there just for it. If you are lucky - as we were - there will be a summer English atypical day with temperatures above 25 ° C and blue sky.

Besides the incredible light on the castle and the stunning sunny day, the beach is interesting to visit, with white sand, children playing, dogs, families and freezing water.

The building of the castle began around the year 700 and it has been through fires, battles and restorations. The size is impressive and you can see it by far on the road that leads to the city. The ticket to enter it costs 10.70 pounds per person and you can visit about everything. Rooms properly decorated with antiques and information transports the visitor to the past.

The highlight for us was a German armor over 500 years, remarkably well preserved.

Aside from the castle and the beach, on the main street, a few cafes, restaurants and a couple of hotels. Maybe it's not a place to stay and spend a lot of time, but if you are traveling the east coast of England, you should for sure put it into your plans for a quick stop.


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