London: having tea like the royals
Published: 29/07/2016

We are far from having any kind of link to the royal family, but we had an experience in London worthy of the nobility: to have an afternoon tea in one of the most traditional places of the city: the Fortnum & Mason.

In fact to have some tea is a kind of expression, because the amount of food served  is for the strong - and hungry. We knew it would have quite a lot to accompany the tea and so we made a reservation for lunch, far away from five o`clock in the afternoon, which in theory is the right time for it. But not even so we could eat it all.

The options on the menu are very similar. Almost everything comes with few small sandwiches, salty snacks, scones - typical English muffin - sweet snacks , jellies, cream cheese, sweets and pieces of cake, and of course tea, which menu has more than 50 varieties worldwide. You can choose one of the menus - basically variations of everything described on the top line - and you can order a spare of anything you want to repeat.

Tea is served in a teapot, you can also keep ordering as much hot water as you like.

If we have to make a comparison related to the quantity - both in variety of things as calories - this type of English tea is similar to the brazilian colonial tea. In practice it is a more than a complete meal.

Values are not the cheapest (click here to view), but the food is extremely well made and tasty. Not to mention that to be there, in a building with over 300 years, being part of such an important tradition for the British gives a special charm to the occasion.

If you are in London and want to do something different,it is a must to have tea at Fortnum & Mason and have a royal experience.


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