Tips for Cuba
Published: 22/02/2017

Some tips about Cuba:

As everyone says, it is better for the tourist to carry Euro than Dollar because of overtaxing. Arriving there, you will have to look for a Cadeca, exchange house, to exchange money. It is exchanged for Cuban convertible pesos, which quotation is close to 1 to 1 - considering Euro. Important tip: Take your passport to make the exchange, because they do not exchange without the document. Another important tip: look for a Cadeca to make the exchange. Aside from having no problems, you will get a more honest rate and you will not risk getting fake notes.

The internet access is extremely limited. There is no wi-fi in restaurants, for example. In cities, there are public access points in squares. To access, you need to buy a card that is sold in state-owned telephone stores and in some hotels. The difference is the price and queues: in the government stores there are queues of hours to buy the card, whose price is half of what is charged in hotels - about 5 Euros for an hour of access. However, hotels have no queue.

There is no trade in Cuba. This is a little strange for anyone. You walk, you walk and you do not see a shop or anything like that. There are small establishments selling handicrafts, a few supermarkets and that's all. What is in abundance are restaurants and bars, mainly to tourists.

Generally famous brands, like Cohiba, are sold in official government stores. The price is not the best, but it is still much cheaper than in Brazil. Avoid buying cigars from people on the street because they are usually fake and this type of trade is considered a crime in the country.

The food in general is quite tasty. The basic ingredients are rice and beans accompanied by some meat, much alike to what Brazilians are used to eat on a daily basis. The most common is pork, but fish and seafood are always on the menu of restaurants. The price is quite cheap: a whole lobster, accompanied by vegetables, costs 15 Euros.


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