Why to travel for such a long time? Cesar
Published: 19/01/2016

Some - many - people have asked us the reasons why we will spend 180 days traveling by motorhome in Europe. It's even usual to hear "Are you crazy?", "How it is possible to live in a car for 180 days?" "And your careers?" "Are you rich, right? In order to do such a trip. . . "Among other questions.

We decided to make two posts explaining our personal motives for this trip. The first one is from Cesar.

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And obvious - - The most objective answer to the question about the reasons why we are doing this is because we love traveling. Of course it is not the only thing in common between us, but this certainly made all the difference when we decided to make our dream a reality.

I always wanted to spend some time outside Brazil, either traveling or living. The maximum period I got today has been 15 days, and I always thought it wasn't enough.  Everywhere I visit, I like to experience the local life, culture and everyday life of the city and people aside from the madness of most famous sights. And this trip will be a great opportunity.

For me the journey is also the result of a adaptation process and readjustment in my professional life. I have a communication company that will complete six years of existence in August, and for about two years, I have been planning a process of changing customers, the old structure and work, which also will allow me to be gone for 180 days.

The trip marks the beginning of a new cycle for me: a growing dedication to the beer culture. In addition of course to have the opportunity to visit many breweries and taste many recipes, our project will yield an unprecedented result in the Brazilian beer market, which is growing every day.

Many questions about the trip remain unanswered, simply because I do not really know and we will only find out during our journey. One question that has not been asked yet is what I intend to learn from this. The answer? Honestly, it doesn't matter because I will learn so much, with so many different people and places, I'm only worried about enjoying every minute of the 180 days. I will answer that when I back.


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