Why to travel for such a long time? Silvia
Published: 25/01/2016

Now it's Silvia`s turn to tell the reasons why she decided to make a trip of 180 days on a motorhome in Europe.

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Some people told me that I was going through a 40 years old crises, but I can't really say if that was the case. What I do know is that in 2014 some things happened and I started to think too much on the reasons of life and everything that involves our existence. I will not stay here philosophizing because that is not our goal, but it was in this troubled period that our dream was born.

I like to call it the big journey, because possibly it will be the greatest adventure of our lives. Thinking that I did not want to leave for later what can I do now, I decided to take a sabbatical year to put my energy in order, and it was a natural path to travel.

It was thinking of the great journey that we developed our blog because we want to keep record of the cities that we will visit and tell everything about all the things that we will do.

When we started planning, we realized that it would be impossible to travel for more than six months because of financial reasons. It was obvious that we could not travel the way we are used to, but we also din't want to go through many hassles. That's when we thought about the motorhome.

Traveling this way will not only allow us to gain agility and flexibility, but it will help us to save a lot.

I believe that living in a car for six months will change my perspective of life. For a few years now I have been trying to reduce consumerism and trying to live on less, and I think I will achieve my goals with this experience.

Not to mention the obvious: to know new places, cultures and many people.

Although the comments are always positive when I talk to someone about the trip, people have no idea that it's not as simple as it appears. It's hard to leave things behind even knowing that in six months I'll be back. I'll really miss my family and being away is already causing me some anxiety.

But it's just like that, without this goose bumps nothing in life is free.

And finally, we also need to clarify that my sister, who is my partner, will help me realize this dream. Without her help I could not be away for so long of our company, as she will work alone in this period. I know it does not seem long, but running a business is very difficult, so I must thank her for all support and help.


First Class Bus • 26/01/2016 às 08:19
Muito obrigada, Débora. Esperamos que você acompanhe a viagem conosco. Um grande beijo.
Débora Mello • 25/01/2016 às 21:24
Desejo sucesso durante este desafio! Parabéns pela coragem e determinação. E daqui estarei torcendo por vocês. Um grande beijo no coração!