How to pack for a big trip
Published: 11/02/2016

Until we start packing our bags, we thought that the difficult part was to define the itinerary of 180 days in Europe. Big mistake! Getting everything organized and find a way to put everything in three bags was the real big challenge. Before you ask the question, we have to answer: yes, it was possible to fill three suitcases with everything we believe is important for six months.

A major difficulty is that we have the habit of traveling with few luggage, usually one bag is enough. Of course this is for 15 days on average, with basically a well-defined climate.

This time was different, because beyond the time that will be much longer, we will visit places with temperatures below zero and others close to 30° C.

Another question: as we are staying in a motorhome, we are also taking towels, sheets, blankets and pillows. Things that take up so much space in the suitcase. We thought it would be better to take all this for two reasons: lack of money and time to spend on it.

The balance board (to read more about it, click here) also held a reasonable space, in addition to the equipment for photo and the key chains that we produced as a gift to give to people we will find on our way.

In the end everything went well and you can watch a bit of it in time-lapse below:


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