Inside a motorhome
Published: 19/02/2016

Finally we got the motorhome and get off with our curiosity and anxiety. The first impression was: it is much bigger than we anticipated (you can get an idea of the size of it by watching the video above) and driving was very complicated. Actually we are still getting used to the car's size.

The first night we had some problems, as it should be. Arriving at the camping we could not connect the car on electricity. Hence, we knocked on the door of a neighbor and a German helped us. First big help travel.

After connecting the car, we imagine that the heating was on, but guess what? Of course not! After a while asleep, the car was so cold and we found that the heater was turned off. Anyway, nothing like these difficult times to make the trip even better.

On the second day, another little problem : we went to a town called Ulm and could not find where to park. We lost almost an hour driving and nothing of finding a big spot to park. After a long time, we got a place two kilometers from the city center. Result: we walked on a cold weather close to 0 ° C with falling snowflakes.

Just when we were writing this, 19p.m. on Friday on the 19th of February, another neighbor from the camping is with us trying to solve a problem with the refrigerator, which is beeping continuously. We do not know if he will get it fixed , but I find it difficult because we are not seeing much progress in solving this problem.


First Class Bus • 22/02/2016 às 04:24
Olá Wilson,
A cidade era interessante, digamos assim. Não tinha nada de espetacular, mas valeu a pena para conhecer sim. Obrigada e continue acompanhando.
Wilson • 21/02/2016 às 07:56
Que delicia ....mas e ai a cidade que vcs andaram 2km para chegar nela era bacana???? Espero que
First Class Bus • 20/02/2016 às 14:56
Sueli, realmente é ótimo. Por enquanto estamos adorando e realmente é uma ótima opção para viajar.
Israel, não tem internet no carro, apenas nos campings onde paramos para passar a noite. Mas ainda assim nem sempre a conexão é muito boa.
Claudio e Fabíola, obrigado e acompanhem mesmo!!!
Sueli, Teresinha lLma Alves dos Santos • 20/02/2016 às 10:48
Saciou a minha curiosidade e até deu vontade de viajar assim.
Israel • 19/02/2016 às 20:35
Não tem Wifi no Motorhome? ;)
Claudio e Fabíola • 19/02/2016 às 18:26
Que bom que chegaram bem....curtam bastante a casa nova! Vamos acompanhando daqui!!!