German hop museum
Published: 20/02/2016

One of the places that Cesar wanted to visit the most is the area of Hallertau in the region of Bavaria, southern Germany. More specifically the city of Wolnzach, where is the Hop Museum. We do not know if it was the very high expectations or the fact that Cesar already know some of the history and cultivation of the plant, but in practice the place is not very interesting.

Of course, if you do not know anything about it should be worth it, but for those who already have some information is not surprising. First because it's all in German. They even offer an audio guide in English, but we do not like that very much and we didn´t like to use it.

In practice, there is information about the history of the region, which is one of the largest hop producers in the world, and the technological advancement of cultivation and the harvest of the plant. The shop has some derived products such as liquor and even pasta , this is rather surprising.

Surprising is also the hop growth: until April there is nothing in the plantations, however, when it begins the ideal time to the plant grown, which is a vine, it grows on an average of 15 centimeters per day, reaching up to seven meters high when it is finally grown. Harvesting takes place in mid-September and the plant is processed for the production of sub products or processed into pellets, which is the format used in for the production of beer.

Depending on the path you take to get to the museum, you will travel by rural roads with hops plantations everywhere. At this time, in February, you can't see the plant itself, but you can see all the wooden structure to support the hops when it finally grows up.

Admission is 5 euros for adults and it is a very touristic program. For those who are passing by, it is worth knowing and also take a walk in the town of Wolnzach, which is a charm.

while we were there we had lunch in a super traditional restaurant practically next door to the museum, with Augustiner beer and local food, called Gasthof zur Post. If you are there, pay a visit because it is sure you will eat well and for a reasonable price, with huge dishes costing on average 10 Euros, and 500 ml of beer for 2 euros.


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