Freistadt village and a very helpful camping
Published: 21/02/2016

After a quick passage through Germany we are already in Austria, more specifically in the city of Freistadt, where we will spend three nights. Compared to the first campsite that we were, this one is much better and with internet is actually working. The other had only 100MB to use per day, when it worked.

For the first time we had to supply the car water tank with clean water, which was not easy. Near where we stopped the car  to connect the power there was no tap and we have no hose. Hence, Cesar began to fill it with a kind of bucket, whose capacity should be a maximum of eight liters. You know how much has the water tank? 120 liters !!! Imagine how many trips would be needed. . . However, the second time he was filling the watering can, a person from the camping said she had a hose to borrow and showed a tap where we could fill the reservoir. She saved the day!

We took Sunday to visit Freistadt, which can be done in about 30 minutes walking. At least the old center, which is very small. The whole city has over 7000 habitants and is very similar to the small towns in Switzerland or Germany, for example, with super narrow streets, old buildings, simple local shops, a church and main square and few people on the street.

The architecture is typical European, although some houses and small buildings have a very modern footprint. It's the kind of city that we love: super small, charming, with local food and beer, and historic buildings. One of the churches, for example, dates from the fourteenth century.


First Class Bus • 24/02/2016 às 13:13
Hi Patric, the fridge its still beeping and heater its working perfectly. Thank you for helping us.
Cesar and Silvia
Sueli, Teresinha lLma Alves dos Santos • 23/02/2016 às 10:22
Patric • 22/02/2016 às 13:56
I hope your fridge is running without the alarm signal. I wish you a nice holiday and i hope my work at your heater was good. Greets from Patric
First Class Bus • 22/02/2016 às 13:42
Olá Israel,
Já resolvemos o problema com o slideshow e as fotos já estão no post. Esperamos que você goste!
Israel • 22/02/2016 às 09:54
Aguardando as fotos ;)