What an amazing day in Hoftetter brewery and Stift Engelszell monastery
Published: 22/02/2016

We had the most amazing day of our trip so far. Although we are on the road for less than a week, what a unforgettable day was today, to know the brewmaster Markus Thaller and owner of Hofstetten brewery, Peter Krammer.

Much more than prove extremely well made and tasty beers, our hosts did everything to make us super comfortable, showing the facilities, talking about the beers - without the frills that some Brazilian breweries have allegedly hiding secrets - inviting us for lunch with their family and the brewery employees and opening the monastery Stift Engelszell, home to only four cloistered monks.

Usually no one can enter inside some dependencies of the monastery, such as the prayer room, for example, but they made sure to show us all this. We don´t have any photos of the internal part out of respect for the monks.

Drink beers that are not sold in Brazil is a huge privilege, but we must say that the day can be summed up by the hospitality of Markus and Peter. As we told them at the end of the day, there are no words to thank them enough for all that they have provided us with so much simpathy  and care.

As much as this is not a post with travel tips, since the brewery is not always open to visitors and the monastery is not open to visitors at all, we found interesting to share these moments with you, because it is not every day that Brazilians are welcomed with such excitement somewhere.

The result of all the hospitality: we left the brewery with 18 bottles of beers, plus two boxes of liquor produced in the monastery and another ecobag to put it all inside. While insisting on paying, they did´t allow us to pay and said they were happy to give it to people who have come so far to know the brewery and their work.

Also worth talking a bit about the path to get to the brewery, which is literally in the middle of nowhere. It is a rural area and everything seems to be farms, including the brewery or even real farms. From Freistadt, the city where we were camped, until the brewery took around an hour and a half in lanes that almost does´t fit one car. Imagine what was like  driving the motorhome and try not to leave the track or hit the vehicles coming in the opposite direction.

The view was amazing, with plantations and super green pastures. Several times it just rememberd that classic image of the Windows XP desktop background.

We will never forget Markus and Peter´s hospitality and the amazing day we spent together!


First Class Bus • 01/03/2016 às 14:48
Hi Peter,
It was an amazing day for us and it's how we sad: We don't have words to say thank you for you and Markus. It's was a such honor to be received by you guys.
Thank you very much.
Peter Krammer • 01/03/2016 às 04:44
Hi Silvia and Cesar,
thanks for mentioning us at your blog. Had a real cool and interesting day with you! Wish you both a nice trip and a lot of interesting visits at european brewerys.

:-) Peter
First Class Bus • 27/02/2016 às 12:18
Olá Claudio e Fabíola,
Essa primeira semana foi tudo bem novo para nós, mas tudo correu bem. Realmente estacionar o carro é um pouco complicado, mas tirando isso está tudo ótimo. Já estamos na Croácia e ficaremos uns dias aqui, conhecendo as cidades. Continuem acompanhando.
Cesar e Silvia
Claudio e Fabíola • 27/02/2016 às 09:29
Sílvia e César, A cada dia presenciamos um pouco das histórias vividas por vocês, dos locais e suas paisagens!!! As comidas retratam cada cultural!!! Quais são as impressões da1a. Semana e as perpespectivas para as próximas? Beijos...
Vande • 23/02/2016 às 12:49
Que incrível Silvia e Cesar. Parece que estamos indo junto com vcs. Aproveitem muito. Bjos fiquem com Deus.
Sueli, Teresinha lLma Alves dos Santos • 23/02/2016 às 09:59