Salzburg's little tour
Published: 24/02/2016

Because of the problem in the car park (click here to learn more), we had only three hours to visit Salzburg, Austria. We went straight to the tourist information center and found that the walking tour of the historic center would start in 20 minutes - at least some lucky.

The tour lasted over an hour and cost 10 Euros per person. We love to do this kind of tour, and with the clock ticking, we could go all the center with a local guide and visit the main sights.

Salzburg is a very rich city, it reminded us of Zurich, and two things caught our attention: firstly the fact that the city has 109 churches, despite a population of 150,000 inhabitants, and secondly all the fountains  are covered during the winter.

The number of churches is justified because whenever a new bishop arrived in the city, he would built a new temple. If you are walking down the street and look up you will always see a lot of church towers

According to the guide, the fountains are covered during the winter because granite is eroded by snow.

Now imagine that: for each church there is a fountain, so ... we wished to see the city in summer time with all the fountains working. Next time maybe.

Of course we can not fail to mention that Mozart was born in Salzburg and as our guide said, the city sucks his soul. What few people know is that he hated Salzburg and lived in Vienna much of his life. Mozart wrote more than 600 pieces and died poor, because he spent everything he had while he was alive. Clever, no?


Ludmila Santos • 02/03/2016 às 15:49
Gente, que sonho conhecer Salzburgo, pena que vocês ficaram pouco. Gostaria de conhecer toda a Áustria um dia. Valeu pelas dicas!